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Bargain Kites

Bargain Kites

Score serious savings on prior season kites. Last year's hot kites are now this year's bargain. These deals won't last long!

Click here for Current Model Year Kites.
Also visit our Demo Gear page for deals on used gear.

best kahoona v5

2013 Best Kahoona V5: (more info)

Save 30% Perhaps the most popular kite we have ever offered, the Kahoona delivers the perfect mix of freeride performance for every riding style and every skill level. We highly suggest the Kahoona V5 Plus (+) over the standard model and here's why...


2013 Best TS v2: (more info)

Save 30% The Best TS was at the top of our list last year and this year the kite is even better. If you are looking for a performance pulley-free kite design, look no further. "This is the best Best kite I have ever ridden, with super solid feel, great upwind range and turning speed." - SBC Kiteboarding No. 46.

Best Cabo

2013 Best Cabo: (more info)

Save 30% When the Cabo first arrived at our shop we were very eager to test this kite since it somewhat resembles our favorite all-around kite, the Best TS. After some time with the kite we are happy to report that the Cabo not only excels at it's intended discipline but is also a good choice for those that prefer lighter bar pressure, a tighter turning circle and less grunt.
Best TS kite_sm

2012 Best TS: (more info)

No Brainer - Save 60% Special bulk purchase allows us to offer this disgusting deal. The Best TS is at the top of our list if you are looking for a high performance do anything kite design. Independent magazine and shop reviews confirm what we already know. The TS rocks just about any style riding you throw at it!


2012 Best Kahoona V4: (more info)

No Brainer - Save up to 57% Take advantage of our special bulk purchase! Perhaps the most popular kite we have ever offered, the Kahoona delivers the perfect mix of freeride, new school and wave riding performance. The v4 now offers a PLUS version that offers the convenience of EZ pump. Check out all the new Kahoona has to offer.

best gp kites

2012 Best GP: (more info)

Save 30% The GP from Best will take you back to the future, back to when all that mattered was raw performance and nailing every new trick you tried. The GP is team rider designed, tuned and tested and delivers an unbeatable combination of pop, responsive steering and amazing unhooked feel.

2011 Cabrinha Nomad IDS

2011 Cabrinha Nomad IDS:

No Brainer - Save 50% The Nomad continues its foray into the freestyle wave arena with a take no prisoners attitude. The Nomad is not for your average beginner. But if throwing kiteloops or towing yourself into the surf with a kite sounds like your thing, then the Nomad is the kite for you.

ocean rodeo prodigy

2013 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kites: (more info)

Save 30-35% With supreme stability and a massive wind range, the Prodigy will have the keenest beginner to the seasoned Freerider all smiles from the start. Boasting superb power delivery and in flight stability, the Prodigy makes for the ultimate Freeride kite - hugely forgiving, large wind range, smooth turns, and effortless big air and hang time.

ocean rodeo razor_sm

2013 Ocean Rodeo Razor Kites: (more info)

High Performance - Low Price! Save big on Ocean Rodeo's highest performance kite, the Razor! The 4 strut Razor offers riders explosive power, ultra aggressive feel and the most power per square meter of any kite in our line up. The Razor sits deep for continued pull through transitions and down wind, built for twin tip riders who like to ride lit up and surfers who like to charge the line hooked in.

ocean rodeo flite_sale

2012 Ocean Rodeo Flite Light Wind Kites: (more info)

Save up to $655! The 4 strut Flite will get you riding in the lightest of conditions. Individually designed for peak performance for their sizes the Flite comes in a nimble 15m and steady 17.5m size.


2013 Slingshot Rally: (more info)

Save 30%! The all-around high performance, do it all Rally is back in it's third year with the 2013 model! Proven Delta features such as low end power, responsive pivotal turning, endless lofty hang time, effortless relaunch and unbelievable range are matched with C kite predictable power and uncompromised stability.


2012 Slingshot RPM: (more info)

Huge Savings! The RPM has been one of our top picks since it's introduction in 2009. This kite delivers limitless performance options for every condition and still excels at unhooked freestyle riding. Act fast while there's still selection.

Slingshot Rally

2012 Slingshot Rally: (more info)

Starting at $799 complete! Progressive freestyle, expert surf, high wind, low wind; do it all with the 2011 Rally! We expect the Rally and the new Open Delta C kite platform to deliver all the desirable features of a Delta coupled with the performance feel of a C kite. The Rally is the choice for crossover freestyle and is excellent in surf!

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