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2012 Slingshot Ignition Kiteboards



Solid upwind performance, soft landings and butter smooth carving are all benefits the Ignition delivers. It's user progressive shape is ideal for advanced freeride tricks as well as riding the swell on those perfect downwinders. So whether its your first kiteboard or an addition to your quiver, count on the Ignition to improve all your riding experiences!

The Ignition is proudly handcrafted in our USA Factory.

2012 Ignition Features:

  • Designed by 30 years legendary shaper Tony Logosz
  • Fusion Tech Rail / Unrivaled durability
  • Resin X / Lighter overall weight and exceptional flex, rebound and pop
  • Custom Culture Graphics / Cutting edge artistic movement, lighter weight
  • World's Greenest Board / Better for the environment
  • Slingshot Legendary Bomber Construction

2012 Slingshot Ignition Package & Sizes:

  • 138 cm
  • 144 cm
  • 150 cm

Package Includes:

  • Ignition Deck
  • 4X - 1.75"Symmetrical G-10 FINS
  • Bolt-ons integrated foot pad and micro adjust strap system
  • Lifetime Rider Service Hotline Support
  • Grab Handle
slingshot boltons

Rider Profile:

  • Beginner to advanced riders
  • Working on fundamental riding skills and progression
  • Demands easy edging, good upwind performance, and solid speed control.
  • Looking for controlled flex, maximum dampening and versatility in all conditions.

2012 Slingshot Ignition Kiteboard Complete: Sale $379 (reg: $559)

We will match or beat any advertised price! Any questions call 800-969-6199 or use our contact form.

Slingshot Board Tech

At Slingshot we like making sustainable green products whenever pos- sible. And that's the trick. It has to make sense. Green is only cool when you advance the performance of the product because of it. Not the other way around. In this case the boards are super tech and as an added bo- nus they are the world's most sustainable board ever made. Here's how we do it. NO PVC foam.Sustainable wood core. Lowest carbon foot print from forest to factory. Resin X. Lowest VOC resin available in the market. New science in resin technology , that Resin X is the greenest resin made today. The fac- tory electricity is produced by locally produced wind power. No airborne solvents are used in the manufacturing process. No plastic top sheet material. Slingshot has made a commitment to eliminate plastic top skins made from oil. Hopefully this new age of bio-resins will reduce the need to invade small helpless countries so we can enjoy our sport.

We have moved the same technology found in skateboard wheels, to the rail of our boards. This industry first for kiteboards improves the overall dampening of the board and increases rail durability beyond anything available anywhere. Our innovative manufacturing process literally fuses the rail in to the board in one single shot. NO staples, tape, glue or seams. The rail literally is one piece of perfection. An another industry first!

Resin X is the latest in high tech or- ganic urethane resins. What does Resin-X have that epoxy and polyester don't? Exceptional flex memory that can withstand longer flex cycles. Superior vibration dampening, increased elongation without failure. All these features combined store a higher rate of loaded energy, insane durability, and best UV resistance on the market. What does all this really mean to you? The boards are half a pound lighter in weight, offer more pop, and rebound, without feeling like a ping pong ball.

Another industry first, our latest innovation in graphic technology offers unlimited pos- sibilities to the cutom culture market, and showcases the inside of our boards with virtually clear top and bot- tom sheets.

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