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2013 Slingshot RPM Sale


Kite Zombies is proud to introduce the 2013 Slingshot RPM. The RPM has been one of our top picks since it's introduction in 2009. This kite delivers top performance in most conditions and still excels at unhooked freestyle riding.

2013 Slingshot RPM

The RPM is the first and only non C kite to take a PKRA championship podium finish.

First comes in many forms. The Slingshot RPM is the original Open C kite that started it all. It evolved to become the kite that took Youri Zoon to a world title. It has become a riders favorite throughout the world in just a few short years.

Building on it's dramatic success of the Open-C canopy and Slingshot's patented Split Strut technology, the RPM pushes kite design to a whole new level. Inspired by Youri's world dominating performance on the tour, we modified the wing tip attachment points to optimize kite performance and deliver complete tuning customization. These additional features and the new (2012) 7m allows complete versatility in all conditions and all riding styles.

We changed everything with the introduction of the RPM five short years ago. It's proven Open-C canopy design and Slingshot's patented Split Strut technology continue to push kite design to a new level even today. The RPM created (and still dominates) the 3 Strut Open-C category.

Through years of testing and rider feedback, we have made steady improvements and subtle refinements until reaching the pinnacle it is at today. The 2013 RPM Crossover kite is a powerful combination of aggressive freestyle characteristics and progressive crossover performance. It's low profile wingtips increase turning speed and reduce drag, while the custom attachment points optimize kite performance and deliver complete tuning from freestyle to wakestyle in seconds. Inspired by our world class team, the RPM delivers unmatched out of the box performance with many options for personal customization.

Over the years, we have built a full range of sizes to help you create your perfect quiver. From dominating freestyle to hard core crossover, the 2013 RPM retains it's standards of durability and stability along with it's aggressive look and feel on the water.

Slingshot Compstick Control Bar

Back for 2013! Truly innovative design and engineering with superior safety and performance in mind, Slingshot continues the COMP STICK CONTROL BAR!

Slingshot Compstick Bar

Designed for the rider who demands it all. The COMP STICK bar has the highest level of CSS safety and Center of the Universe performance / convenience in the cleanest 4 line configuration available.

NEW features such as the Surefire Spinner, Auto Indexing Chicken Loop, Active Stopper Ball and Push Up Center Safety System makes it the first choice for freestyle riders who demand more. The clean and uncluttered 4 line configuration of the Comp Stick Control Bar also allows for easy and speedy set up.

The Comp Stick Control Bar offers the highest safety, performance and convenience in a single package. It is the most versatile control bar you will ever own.

RPM Package includes:

  • RPM kite
  • COMP STICK 4 line control bar
  • Freestyle kite back pack
  • Repair kit
  • RPM Quick Start Guide

We will match or beat any advertised price. If you have any questions about packages or pricing please call (800-969-6199) or use our contact form.

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Qty: 2013 Slingshot RPM 4.5m Package $1199.20 (reg: $1499)
Qty: 2013 Slingshot RPM 08m Package $1359.20 (reg: $1699)
Qty: 2013 Slingshot RPM 10m Package $1439.20 (reg: $1799)
Qty: 2013 Slingshot RPM 12m Package $1519.20 (reg: $1899)

2013 Slingshot RPM Windrange, Bar Size & Lines:


2013 RPM Features


First design to combine core C kite performance like power, stability, edging, control and direct connect with the advantages of the latest advancements in 4-line technology. This includes consistent low end power, maximized range, upwind ability, de-power, relaunch, hang time and safety.


Splitstrut integrates the strut and canopy into one rigid wing creating a lighter, stable and more durable kite. This construction is proven to enhance power delivery under heavy load and creates efficiency in the overall frame.


Fine tuned to optimize power, feel and turning characteristics similar to a C-kite. Designed to work directly with our Full Suspension Bridle, CSS and Compstick control bar.


Each kite comes with custom attachment points that enable the rider to tune bar pressure based on personal riding preference. This year we have refined them even more to create a smoother curve between settings.


Proven to increase turning speed, while reducing drag and creating more efficiency.


Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth, and Neoprene. Individual scuff guards, strategically placed in the most vulnerable areas of the kite to optimize durability.


DP 175 is the undisputed leader in Dacron quality. Proven by our top pro's in the most demanding conditions year after year.


The trusted, original Slingshot patented single point inflation system to get you out faster and easier.


Long lasting durability and performance by using only the latest new high tech materials in our LE, canopy, bladders and finish trim materials.


Connect directly with our knowledgeable in house professional customer service department.

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