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2013 Best Cabo


When the Cabo first arrived at our shop we were very eager to test this kite since it somewhat resembles our favorite all-around kite, the Best TS. After some time with the kite we are happy to report that the Cabo not only excels at it's intended discipline but is also a good choice for those that prefer lighter bar pressure (many women), a tighter turning circle and less grunt.

The Cabo is proof Best scored another major victory this year. With the introduction of this wave specific 3 strut design which utilizes their new Double Core RS canopy material and 3D Kevlar Airframe we can see why they are confident to offer their Fair & Reasonable Life-Time Warranty. Best is now killing it in the waves more than ever!

Best Cabo Kite

Your search is over. Unhooked or hooked the Cabo will help you charge every wave. The mid-aspect, tri-strut layout helps reduce weight and allows the Cabo to sit further back in the window with impeccable downwind drift - no matter how hard the wind is blowing. The short, reactive micro bridle works in harmony with the tri-strut layout to maximize turning speed and feedback. An Open-C platform provides great stability with minimum bar pressure so you can commit 100% on any wave that you ride into.

Because big waves demand respect, we built the Cabo with our new Double Core RS canopy material, Canopy Framing Technology and 3D Kevlar Airframe construction. The Cabo is built Surf Tough to survive any wave that you can ride. 100% wave focused the Cabo will always let you find the perfect position on every wave for expressing your unique style. It's so good to ride that we're sure it will be your first choice kite even when there are no waves to ride.

Double Core RS

Double Core RS weaves two high tenacity filaments into the Warp and Weft to deliver maximum resistance to tear propagation and improved bias load handling. Combine this innovative double-stop weave with our Air-Aid coating technology and you have a lightweight, responsive canopy material of unmatched strength and durability.

Double Core RSdelivers a unique combination of crisp handling and durability and is one of the reasons why BEST offers a LIFETIME warranty on every kite we sell.

Cabo Designer's Vision:

"What can I say?...purity and addiction, that is what waves do to you. That is where the Cabo takes you. A wave kite that drifts gracefully downwind in side off and reacts directly to input in side on conditions. Take your quiver of Cabo kites with you and explore the world."
Peter Stiewe

Click here for a 2013 Best Cabo Kite Review

2013 Best Cabo Kites: Sold Out

Kites are sold with backpack and pump (but can be taken away - see below). Redline Control Bar is sold separate.

If you have a color preference please specify your 1st, 2nd and if you want, 3rd color choices in the comment section of the order form. We will contact you if none of those are available. You can also call us at 800-969-6199 or use our contact form to check colors.



Some manufacturers offer you 90 days warranty cover. Some brands make a big deal of giving you extended warranty cover that doesn't even last a full season. At BEST we offer the longest and fairest warranty in the industry. We give you a lifetime guarantee that everything we make will be free from material and manufacture defecCabo for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser.

Best Cabo Performance Chart:

cabo performance chart

Surf Tough kites designed to tackle everything from overhead barrels to rolling swell.

  • Stability: The easiest to handle kites score 10 points and perform in any wind conditions.
  • Downwind drift: To help find the perfect position on any wave look for the highest scoring kites.

Best Cabo Details & Features:

Rock solid stability and exceptional downwind drift come as standard with the mid aspect ratio, tri-strut design. Highly responsive steering and wingtip pivot turning allow you put yourself in the best position on every wave.

A short bridle gives you precise, direct handling with plenty of feedback. A single, self-adjusting front bridle tow point helps provide the stability, low end power and upwind ability that you need to perform.

Double Core Rip-stop has twice as many reinforcing fibers woven into the warp and weft as standard Ripstop fabrics - giving you twice the performance with no weight penalty. A BEST Exclusive.

There are no shortcuts to creating lasting durability; we use the highest quality materials and most advanced construction techniques to build kites that are truly Surf Tough and the match of conditions anywhere in the world.

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