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Last Gen Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kite Sale


ocean rodeo prodigy_front

All Around Freeride & Surf Performance - Light Price!

This 3 strut design is our easiest kite to fly yet. With supreme stability and a massive wind range, the Prodigy will have the keenest beginner to the seasoned Freerider all smiles from the start. Boasting superb power delivery and in flight stability, the Prodigy makes for the ultimate Freeride kite - hugely forgiving, large wind range, smooth turns, and effortless big air and hang time.

The Prodigy's short length bridles reduce the chance of bridle tangles while delivering steering input even when the kite is highly depowered making tricky landing / launching conditions more manageable. Like all Ocean Rodeo kites the Prodigy features the Direct Depower bridal configuration, designed to fully roll over the kite in the event of an ejection or total depower, providing maximum possible depower.

Why This is a Good Deal:
Ocean Rodeo doesn't come out with a new model every year like other manufacturers so a sale like this doesn't come along often. The next Gen Prodigy replacing this isn't much different, except mainly cosmetics, so why not save big. We purchased all remaining stock so we could pass this fantastic deal on to you.

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kite Sale: Sorry, sold out.

XL Kite Pump

Ocean Rodeo XL Kite Pump: $35

XL sized kite pump for use with all Ocean Rodeo kites

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