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Last Gen (2012/13) Ocean Rodeo Razor Kite Sale



High Performance - Light Price!

Save big on Ocean Rodeo's highest performance kite, the Razor! The 4 strut Razor offers riders explosive power, ultra aggressive feel and the most power per square meter of any kite in our line up. The Razor sits deep for continued pull through transitions and down wind, built for twin tip riders who like to ride lit up and surfers who like to charge the line hooked in. FST Wingtip Technology adds even better bar feedback, steering control and wind range to this year's Razor. The Razor fly perfectly with any of our 3 bars, Freeride, Fusion or Freestyle and all kites feature our unique Direct De-power System, designed to fully roll over and disable your kite in the event of an eject or total depower.

Why This is a Good Deal:
Ocean Rodeo doesn't come out with a new model every year like other manufacturers so a sale like this is rare. We purchased all remaining stock so we could pass this fantastic deal on to you.

Ocean Rodeo Last Gen Razor Kite Only Sale

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Qty: Ocean Rodeo Razor - 7m Sale $449 (reg: $1179)
Qty: Ocean Rodeo Razor - 8m Sale $499 (reg: $1259)

Last Gen Ocean Rodeo Razor Complete with Fusion Bar Sale:

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Note: Razor 7m complete special includes Large Fusion Bar.

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Qty: Ocean Rodeo Razor Complete - 7m Sale $699 (reg: $1684)
Qty: Ocean Rodeo Razor Complete - 8m Sale $749 (reg: $1684)

XL Kite Pump

Ocean Rodeo XL Kite Pump: $35

XL sized kite pump for use with all Ocean Rodeo kites

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